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The top 7 marketing tools that every marketer should know exists

Sep 25, 2020

The top 7 marketing tools that every marketer should know exists

Digital marketing is an art and all artists need tools. Instead of paint brushes and canvas marketers use job boards and keyword finders and research marketing tools. We use web designers, logo makers, background erasers, video editing software and a whole tool chest of necessary marketing tools..

In a new business or as a new marketer not knowing where to turn for marketing tools that you need, things can seem a bit overwhelming.
Don’t worry. 
The digital marketing community is a community of generous folks who are willing to share ideas, marketing tools, tricks, and hacks. Once you do just a little bit of research you p.

I’m going to share with you seven of my top marketing tools. These aren’t necessarily the best marketing tools on the market, they’re not necessarily the only free marketing tools or the cheapest marketing tools, they’re just the marketing tools that I rely on the most.

There will be paid marketing tools in there and there will be free marketing tools in there. One thing I can guarantee you is each of these marketing tools I actually use and I rely on heavily.

Of course as with any smart marketer each of the marketing tools that I use also have an affiliate program that I take advantage of. If you decide that you like any of these marketing tools and you decide to follow my link to buy them I will receive a commission and I appreciate your purchase.
Obviously there’s no requirement to buy only if it would benefit you like they benefit me. I do highly suggest that you buy or download any of the software that I suggest.  They will make ur life easier and more profitable.
Tubebuddy is a competitor of vid IQ who in my opinion  are the top two YouTube companion software available. 
I only have the paid version TubeBuddy. I chose it at the beginning because it was the cheaper option. I have stayed with it since then because I do feel that they are the best option for my situation.

Tubebuddy will give you a score on 50 actionable steps for each video. The score they give you is an SEO score and it comes in very handy.
I have never gotten a perfect 50 score but normally I am in the range of 46 and up whenever it is time to publish my video. This score is very important to show you how you stack up against the competition when it comes to search engine optimization, since YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.
Tubebuddy also has a keyword suggestion tool that will show the most searched keywords for your video and it will also give you a ranking score on each of the ranking keywords to show where those keywords rank and where you rank for those keywords.
This tool combined with the score keeping tool that I told you about a minute ago allows you to optimize the keywords according to each score and according to ranking. This helps whenever you want to seek out less competition and rank for certain keywords that others have overlooked. This also helps when you want to battle it out for the top position on competitive keywords.
Another one of my favorite features of Tube Buddy is that you can research popular and relevant topics prior to recording a video. You can research keywords and competition, you can research search volume and other key metrics that will help you to decide which battles you want to face and which ones you don’t even want to enter. This gives you a distinct advantage and always allows you to choose keywords and video topics that you will be able to rank for. Which in the long run helps you with views, view time and Youtube video rank.
This is not a complete list of the many powerful and useful features. Inside Tubebuddy. I am considering making a video that will go over these features and  a few more of the features if that’s something that you are interested in, lease leave a comment below and let me know that you are interested in a full feature TubeBuddy video review and tutorial.
Of course if I get enough interest, I am happy to make it and I may end up making it anyway just keep your eyes open and click the subscribe button on my YouTube Channel.  I will probably at least research it and see what the interest level is.
If you’re interested or you know someone who would benefit from a powerful too like Tubebuddy, here’s a Free Trial link for Tubebuddy
If I had to rank TubeBuddy and Canva on which one was first and which one was the second I’m not sure that I could do it. The truth is both of these play a huge role in my day-to-day operations. I couldn’t do one without the other. I would say that both Canva and Tubebuddy are equally important.
Canva is a graphic design software.
In fact, I made all of the graphics in this post with Canva, using the forever  free version. I mostly use the free version but I have used a month or two of the paid version in the past.
The main difference that I know about between the two versions is that the paid version allows you to resize your designs with the click of a button and allows you to download your graphic with a transparent background. You do not have to start over to make an Instagram post, a Facebook post, a banner, or a YouTube thumbnail. It allows you to do all of those with the click of just one button.
Other than those two, I don’t see a huge difference between the paid pro version of Canva and the forever free version. I usually use the free version and probably out of the 36 months that I’ve used Canva, I’ve used only 2 paid months of the paid pro version.
I use Canva to design everything digitally.
I have used it for all of my social media headers. My Facebook cover photo, my YouTube graphics, my Patreon (get $50 to start a membership site) Plur-I-Bus logo, my Pinterest pins, my Instagram feed, my product graphics, store graphics and website graphics.
I use Canva for almost every graphic that I do.

Canva is a very easy to use platform and software.
There is not a huge learning curve. They have graphics available that you can use, they have photos and images that you can use. They have great filters that enhance your advertisements or your graphics. They allow you to create Graphics in almost any size from a logo at 150 152 a Facebook Banner to custom sized banners.  You can create any type of banner on Canva.

You can also download your finished product for free. I don’t think that you can download images with a transparent background for free on Canva that may be one of their paid features. I use a background eraser whenever I am looking to remove backgrounds. It takes just a minute or two and it works just fine fine for me. Of course I use a free version.

I use Canva almost everyday. Probably 90 to 95% of all of the graphics that you see on my website or on any of my social media were design using the Canva software. They are an absolute lifesaver and they are a must in any marketers toolbox.
You can use Canva at their website through the link below.
Canva.com (this is not an affiliate link, I am waiting for approval in their new affiliate program.)
Power Director Pro | Quik | Filmora Pro | OpenShot Video Editor
As you can see I’ve listed different video editing softwares. The reason is I haven’t quite made up my mind yet on which one is my favorite or which one I used the most.
I’m not sure that all four of these will end up making the cut or even that any of them other than Quick will in my final toolbox. It just seems that each one has something that I really like, but it also has many different things that I don’t like about it and this is why I’m still in the market.
Let’s start here. Quik is right now my favorite video editing software available. Unfortunately it is not always available or useful for the situation that I need it for.
Quick is great 4 putting text into the video at any spot. It is also great for adding random video clips to the video.
It has smart video technology and it creates the videos for you,  andit edits your video clips for you.
You don’t have a whole lot of control but it does come out with a very good product at the end. Unfortunately for some videos that you are editing it does not allow a lot of control.
I have to tell you that Quik does absolutely pack a punch and it may end up in my final
toolbox. QUIK is one of my favorite go-to quick video makers. I can pop out my phone anytime, anywhere  and create a viable usable product that is above most products on the market. Just minutes, and I’m done.  It’s just not right for every situation but I absolutely love it.  
You can find it on Google play with a search for Quik video editor.  I will update this post soon with a link through their parent company Go pro.

Openshot Video Editor 
At the moment this is my go-to for longer videos and for more control over the video in the editing phase.
It is open source and free at the time of this post.  
This is the tool that I will use if I want to piece together full videos or if I want to edit those full videos by cutting and moving around the concept.
It’s a little bit slow a little bit slow, a little bit clunky, and it has a bit of a learning curve. I’ve not been editing videos for more than two years so I don’t know all the marketing tools and how to use them.
So far it seems a little bit limited with what I know.
I am constantly learning and looking at new software and also watching videos on how to use the software that I have so I will get better but at the moment it just seems like this one lacks a little bit so I am still in the market for a full-service video editor or maker.
I think I would like it to have as much automation or artificial intelligence, I would like it to be smarter and be  able to create good videos without a lot of my input.
It would be awesome if Quik and Openshot worked out a project together and somehow combined the two products to make another product.
You can grab a copy of OpenShot Video Editing software here.  (Non affiliate link)

Filmora Pro 
Filmora Pro is one of the most available video editing softwares on the market. I have only used the free version and at the moment I’m not really impressed with the product.
Every time that I get into a product project on filmora Pro it shuts down on me.  
It seems more user-friendly than the Openshot video editing software but I can’t make it through a project without it shutting down.
I am learning how to identify and report bugs but I’m not very good at it yet. So at this point I’m not much help to theFilmoral Pro crew on how to fix the issue.
I do like the platform and I do think that as I got to know it better, without the bugs, it would be my second choice, or my first choice even, for editing longer videos.
Download Filmora Pro free here (non affiliate link)

Powerdirector Pro
This is the newest video editing software that I have added to my toolbox.
I’ve only used it on my Android device so far, but I really like it.
The videos that it makes are clean and  easy.
I like that I have a lot of control over the finished product.

POWERdirector prodoes produce HD videos. It also cleans up bad video filming. So if you found a bad bad video it will help you clean that video up.
It does allow for you to add text and effects to your videos. It also allows you to edit or trim videos, it allows you to combine videos together.
As I get to use the power director pro software more there’s a good chance that it moves into the first position. My only gripe with this one is that you cannot remove their branding  without moving into the pro version. This may not be a barrier because I think it’s this one maybe absolutely worth it.
Again I will put together a video showing you the features of any of these video editing software. Quick Opensho,t Filmora Pro or Powerdirector Pro. Just leave a comment below and tell me which ones or tell me that you would like to see tutorials and how to videos on all of them and I will put them out and if you subscribe to our mailing list you will know when they’re launched.  You can get that info by l subscribing to The Godaddy Dave  YouTube channl.
Start your Free Trial of Powerdirector Pro here (non affiliate link)

WordPress | Wix
Website design has become much much easier over the years. There was a time when you had to write code in HTML and things like this manually. It would take hours and hours sitting behind the computer screen writing redundant code.

Technology has changed and that technology has made building a website very simple. That simply made website is able to compete in the Global Market for Google ranking and newclients. That technology has made it possible for businesses and entrepreneurs of all types to be able to compete on an almost equal level with the big guys.
Wix for the longest time, was shunned by professional web designers and marketers. They would say things like, “that is not how a professional site is built”, they would say that you cannot rank a Wix site on Google. They would say that Wix did not have features that they wanted. So for the longest time Wix was not the go to web designer for web designers.

That is not the case any longe,r nor do I know that there was any viability to the claims that designers were making against Wix.  I have personally used Wix to build websites for more than 10 years. I also built the 1st Godaddydave.com on Wix.

I have built  roofing sites using wix and I have built e-commerce sites using Wix. All of which competed equally in the marketplace, ranked on Google, or currently still rank on Google for very competitive keywords.  All of the sites that we designed on Wix have great features such as booking, shopping carts, blogs, and many other customizable features.

One of the best things about a Wix website is that it is easy for a client to make changes to a website product that they  own. And this gives the client more control at the same time as it gives the client more understanding of the job that we do as a marketer or web designer. This creates a better relationship between you and the client and we have Wix to thank for the usability of their products for all people.

Wix is one of my favorites and I highly suggest it for anybody that is new or that wants an easier platform that is easy to understand.

One of the best things about Wix is that it is free to build as many websites as you want to do.
If you want to have that website at your own domain name you will need to upgrade to the premium version but it also comes with many other features and it’s well worth it.
Get unlimited free websites at Wix
One more great feature that I must mention about the Wix platform is that they have an AI that will build you a complete usable, viable, website automatically. You just answer a couple questions, pick out a couple different styles, and then press start. A new website built within minutes, a complete fully functioning website. This website will stand next to almost any website on the internet, and it looks just as good and functions just as well as any site online
WordPress is the other platform that I absolutely love when it comes to using a website builder. I think my favorite feature of WordPress is that they have millions of features, or plugins.  You can get almost any type of plug-In or add-on for your WordPress website that you can think of.

When you add a product for hosting such as namecheap adds even more apps and add-ons and plug-ins to your WordPress site through softaculous. This portal will allow you to even put up ready-made fully functional detail-oriented sites such as directories, crms, link shorteners, Q&A sites, email digital marketing platforms, blogs and a plethora of other options.
WordPress has plugins to help you build your site so they have Site Builders and they have blog extensions and they just have so many different add-ons that you don’t have to create that makes your life a lot easier.

WordPress does have just a bit of a learning curve. But if you are determined and you are willing to do a little learning, there are a million videos on how to build a WordPress site on every different niche that you can think of.
I use both WordPress and Wix on a daily basis. They both play a vital role in my day to day business and the day-to-day business of my clients. They both have benefits and features that I really love. I am probably leaning towards WordPress but it’s just by a small margin due to its depth.
Namecheap is my go-to when it comes to buying domain names or hosting my websites. They offer a great price on hosting, they offer good rates on transferring domain names to them, and they have some amazing software that comes with hosting absolutely free.

Namecheap also has a platform where you can sell or at least list to sell any domain names that you’re not currently using or that you no longer have any use for. They have a $10,000 limit on pricing though, this is the only drawback that I found with the Namecheap platform.

At first the cpanel or back-end of Namecheap may seem a little bit clunky or overwhelming but after a few YouTube videos and a little bit of practice it will feel like home in no time.
I used to use GoDaddy as my go-to for all of the services. They have increased their pricing, and it seems like their features are no longer an equal match for other platforms such as Namecheap. I do still have domain names on the GoDaddy platform, on their premium platform, and I also use them to manage a WordPress site andr host a WordPress site that I operate. But I’m not sure that I will offer them any new business due to the pricing.
GoDaddy was good to me for the longest time. I have probably bought more than 400 domain names through them and have sold domain names through them that have covered almost every penny that I have spent with them. So I do have good things to say about GoDaddy.

As you probably noticed I got my name from the inspiration that they created. You know Daddy was the first place that I was recognized as a Pro.
When they ask me what name that I want to be recognized as or go by on their platform if seemed a natural fit to become Go Daddy Dave.
You can find me at GoDaddy. Pro / Go Daddy Dave. They have been there for me for a long long time and I appreciate everything that they did,  but sometimes new platforms come along that offer more and you have to do what’s right for the business and for the clients.

But that’s not always what’s right for all of the readers. Go Daddy does have exactly what many users and clients are looking for.
This list will not work as your complete guide to everything that you’ll need in your whole life as a marketer or is a business owner who is currently digital marketing their own services. But it is a great Bass or platform to start from.
Just as you are reading this detailed report to gain insight and information, I also suggest that you find a trusted coach, or mentor to help guide you in your journey. It is not 100% necessary to hire a coach or to have a mentor, but it will be tough to win the Super Bowl without one.
I am Go Daddy Dave. I own and operate GoDaddy day social media and SEO digital marketing company in Baytown Texas. I hope that you found this article informative and useful, if I can be of any help to you or your company in the future please reach out. I’m not only available for paid Services, I’m also available for collaboration and advice.
Feel free to join us in our closed Facebook group.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel and be the first to know when we put out videos and tutorials or give other hacks tips for software secrets.

I’m Go Daddy Dave and until next time, I’m out.
Godaddy Dave Social Media and SEO digital marketing company

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