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Step-By-Step Guide to Digital Marketing For Roofing Companies 

Step-By-Step Guide to Digital Marketing For Roofing Companies

    Want the full digital marketing strategy for roofing contractors that’ll exponentially grow your business not only in the short term, but long term as well?

    That’s exactly what i’m going to show you in this article, the whole thing, so you can begin applying it to your roofing company immediately.

    If you’d like a free consultation on your SEO, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re primarily a national and local SEO agency , but will work with clients from other niches as well.

Marketing For Roofing Companies Explained

    The good part is that when they do need what you offer, sometimes it’s very urgent, say, a leaky roof for example.

    With this marketing strategy you’ll get to your potential clients when they’re looking for what you’re offering, know exactly what results you’re getting and where your money is going, and be able to track conversions.

    First we’ll cover whether you should use traditional marketing or digital marketing as a roofer.

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing for Roofers

    The quick answer is to just use digital marketing.

    People’s brains have been trained to ignore traditional advertising, whether that’s on TV or radio or wherever else, because 99% of the time there’s no value for them in it.

    With digital marketing, specifically SEO or Google ads (which we’ll cover in just a second), you can get in front of people when they’re searching for roofing companies in their area online. I’ve harped on this before due to how important it is, but now you’re the solution to their problem, instead of pushing ads in their face.

    We’ll also cover Facebook ads and how they tie into the whole marketing strategy.

    But in a nutshell, use digital marketing. Not only is it much, much cheaper, it’s also measurable with extensive amounts of data and you know exactly what results you’re getting. And if you’re hiring someone else to do your marketing for you, it’s their job to keep you updated on the results you’re getting.

    With digital marketing for roofers, you can actually look at exactly how many conversions you’ve gotten, exactly how much you’ve spent, exactly how people behaved with your website, etc.

    The Best Digital Marketing Strategy For Roofing Companies

    This strategy is split into 3 different marketing tools that we’ll use in conjunction to explode your traffic.

    First, having a great SEO optimized website.

Website & SEO

    So what is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization is basically the process of optimizing your website and content for search engines like Google, so that your website comes up higher when someone Google searches for a roofing company or contractor in your area.

    If your SEO is done right, you’ll show up as number 1 in the search results for local roofing in your city. This means you’ll get the majority of the clicks, and you’ll have the trust and rapport associated with being first in the rankings.

    The main issue with traditional advertising in the roofing business is that there’s often times no demand, which makes advertising difficult. SEO bypasses this issue, because when someone’s searching for roofing in their city, they’re expressing that they have a need and a demand that your roofing company is suited to fill. The customers are now coming to you, instead of the other way around.

    So how do you actually do it? You have 2 options:

    Either hire someone to do it for you, or learn how to do it yourself. The whole topic is too long to cover in a subsection of a blog like this, but I’ll give you a quick overview on how it’s done:

    1. Keyword Research – Use tools like the Google AdWords keyword planner or Ubersuggest to see what specific keywords your potential clients are searching for in your city, look for long tail keywords that have lots of search volume but low competition.

    Then, build a Google Sheet spreadsheet of these keywords, writing down the monthly search volume and the keyword difficulty. There’s more data you can implement, but i like to keep it simple, so just write down those 2 things.

    2. Planning & Keyword Mapping – Pick 1 long tail keyword to target for your main home page. This could be something like ”Roofing in Seattle”, for example.

    Plan how your website’s other pages are going to be laid out, and map keywords to the specific pages of your site. For example, your services page could be targeted after ”Roofing services Seattle”, this all depends on your keyword research and what your potential clients are searching for.

    The rule of thumb is that you want to have 1 main long tail keyword targeted per page, then use synonyms and LSIs, or Latent Semantic Indexing, which is basically a fancy way to say ”keywords semantically related to your main long tail keyword” used on that page to make it more relevant to Google. But don’t force it either, only target a keyword if it’s relevant to the page.

    3. Website Optimization – Optimize your website with all the keywords, meaning write something valuable for the person that might come on the page, or tell them about your business in the case of your home page and what you can do for them, and say those chosen key phrases you did the research on throughout the text when it’s appropriate. I could go into topics like keyword density etc, but that’s for another time.

    And most importantly, optimize your site’s title and description sections with the keyword/phrase you chose. After that the most important thing is your header tags in the body of your text.

    Remember to also optimize it for the user. Don’t just write for the search engine, write for the end user’s experience.

    4. Consistent Content Creation – This can be in the form of blogs, for example. You want to target long tail keywords with your blogs as well and follow the same steps research and keyword mapping etc.

    This will make sure you’re ranking for the keywords you couldn’t rank for with your homepages etc. Blogs is also what we’ll utilize for step 5.

    Make these blogs extremely in-depth, valuable and make them shareable. The reason we do this, is to build more authority on your domain, so that your homepage and everything else will rank higher, making your company’s website come up higher in search results thus bringing you more business.

    5. Link Building – Market, network and promote your content properly and add real value to people, so that people will want to share and link to your content, increasing it’s authority in Google Search. The most important part however, is that your content is killer. That way, it’ll naturally gain links overtime.

    You can do this by guest posting, or getting on blog roundups, for example.

    Links are one of the key factors Google looks to for ”Importance”, it’s like a referral. If 20 people point to your site being amazing, Google’s gonna notice.

    6. Rinse and repeat – Keep the blogs and link building going, you have to be consistent to rank.

    I also cannot harp enough on how important it is to have a well optimized website, not just for SEO purposes, but also for customer experience.

    So in a nutshell, have a nice website, do your SEO or get someone to do it for you. The result is potential clients with a demand for what you offer coming to you on a regular basis.

    The only drawback to SEO is that it takes a while, usually a couple of months to start working properly, that’s why the next parts of this marketing strategy covers that weakness.

Google Ads

    The second part of our marketing strategy is Google ads . Google ads, also known as Google AdWords is similar to SEO as in it focuses on getting in front of people when they search for something on Google.

    The difference between Google ads and SEO is that Google ads work immediately, they don’t take months of time for the results to start showing up. This is why it’s good to combine these 2 marketing tools together for the best of both worlds.

    The second difference is, that you also require an advertising budget, and it doesn’t harbor as much trust and rapport as ranking first on Search does.

    Google ads are still extremely useful though, and one of the best ways to market your roofing company.

    Another name for Google Ads is Google PPC (pay per click), and as the name suggests you pay only when someone actually clicks on your ad.

    This is extremely powerful, because you’re directly paying for results, which is why i’d set up Google PPC right after you have your website optimized.

    Again, you have 2 options: Either hire someone or an agency to do your Google PPC, or learn how to do it yourself .

    Here’s a quick overview on how to do Google ads and how they work:

    What determines which ad shows up first is based on:

    1. Your bid – How much money you’re willing to pay for a click for your chosen keyword

    2. Your quality score – Your quality score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages. Having a higher quality score can even lead to lower prices, apart from just higher ad positions. Your quality score is determined by your expected CTR (clickthrough rate), ad relevance and landing page experience.

    3. Your Google ad extensions – This means things like having your phone number, links to other pages on your site or your location as snippets in your ad. In layman’s terms, it’s the stuff that shows under the title and description.

    All those things summed up in an actionable plan, is this:

    1. Pick keywords that have high search volumes, but not as much competition if you’re on a tighter budget. This is a good idea in general, but if you have more budget you can target even the more competitive phrases.

    2. Have an INCREDIBLE landing page, so that when someone DOES click on your ad, it gives them exactly what they’re looking for. I can’t stress enough how important this is for marketing with Google ads.

    3. Have amazing headlines and descriptions for your ads that entice people to click and that are relevant to your ad itself.

    4. Add extensions to your Ad that would be useful to your potential client. For example, show them the times you’re open and your phone number, or location.

    You should be now on your way to immediately boosting your roofing marketing by creating amazing PPC ads.

    Now you have SEO working on your long term strategy, and Google PPC giving you immediate results where you pay only when you get said results.

    The last phase of our roofing contractor marketing strategy involves re-targeting people who have shown interest through your initial marketing, but for whatever reason didn’t convert.

Facebook Ads

    This is the last phase of our roofer marketing strategy.

    Specifically what we’ll be doing, is re-targeting the new people who have now visited our website due to the SEO and Google PPC campaigns we’ve been running.

    You can install what’s called a Facebook Pixel, which is a piece of code you put on every page of your website, which tracks if someone’s been on your website while simultaneously logged into Facebook, and which pages on your site they’ve visited.

    Now, if they didn’t turn to a conversion on your website, you can re-target those people with Facebook ads and come up on their Facebook feeds.

    Now you’re not only targeting people who are searching for roofing, but you’re also targeting people who have already shown an interest.

    Here’s a quick overview on how you do it in practice:

    1. Create a Facebook business page for your roofing company if you haven’t already.

    2. Go to your Facebook ads manager and navigate to the ”Pixels” section, then follow the instructions laid out to you to create it.

    3. Go to your website and paste that piece of code under the

    tags of your website’s pages.

    4. Now, once you start getting website visitors, you can build a ”custom audience” out of the people who’ve visited your website. Then you can go ahead and create an ad to target those people.

    There’s other ways to utilize Facebook ads for roofers where you can build more awareness, be top of mind with your local area and get people to turn from a cold audience to a warm audience, but I won’t go into that amount of detail here, as that way is simply not as effective as SEO and Google Ads.

    Facebook ads for this niche, is more like the cherry on top. I would put my heavy focus on the first 2 parts of this marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing For Roofing Companies – Conclusion

    Marketing ideas for roofing companies can be tough due to the nature of the business and how little versatility traditional marketing offers. But using a digital marketing strategy like this will give you guaranteed results if you get it right.

    As a business owner your biggest problem is time, and learning all of these things can be a serious hindrance to you. I hope this blog educated you on how to market your roofing company and gave you an overall idea on how to do it correctly.

    If you’d like my help with your SEO or Google Ads, or even just to ask and get a free consultation on digital marketing as a whole, just get in touch with me by emailing me at [email protected] or by filling the form below.

Roofing SEO for All Search Engines

    SEO for roofing companies from Roofing Contractor Marketing provides the initial building blocks to generate more roofing leads and long term search engine results. Contractors seo is a difficult competitive business and it requires careful planning, careful execution and patience to show up for organic searches. We have clients that have been with us for many years and that has paid off for them. Our track record of keywords rankings can be demonstrated in our strategy session call to talk with us.

    SEO for roofing companies is usually very competitive. To get found in Google searches you need to have excellent SEO strategies, including both on-page optimization, off page SEO, targeted meta descriptions, title tags, engaging content, and good quality links to your website from roofing directories and others. Google ranks websites that their algorithm finds to be the best for their ranking factors. Google Analytics will give us the data we need to push search rankings, maps listings and more to find the potential customers you need from your SEO campaign. Local roofing SEO, when executed properly can help you grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization

    Your SEO campaign will be complicated. There are many moving parts. To start, we will conduct an SEO audit and competitive analysis. We will conduct research to discover your roofing SEO keywords with our Google keyword planner.

    SEO Analysis – What is required for success?

    – Our competitor analysis that will show you the strength of your competition.

    – Finally, to build our strategy for you to win, we will utilize the Google Keyword Planner.

    This keyword research will tell us the best organic searches with the most volume. We will also identify the good quality content other local roofing companies might be using. Keyword research is the foundation for your website’s content. It’s also how we will judge our search engine results.

    Using our roofing SEO white hat best practices we have clients ranking on page one of Google—from big cities to small, from Denver to Dallas and beyond. Godaddy Dave Digital is deeply rooted in the roofing industry, we know how to get roofing SEO results for your roofing company and how critical the Internet is to your lead generation. As a Roofing SEO Company, our very strong record of top-ranking successes can be demonstrated to you in real-time.

    Roofing Web Design

    Do you like your website? Probably not. Strong roofing websites need engaging content, onpage optimization, and call to action. Do you get online leads? Your website is important but often times consumers will call you long before reading more than a paragraph of your website. Your website is only one element of importance, as with each passing day consumers shift more and more to many online sources for everything.

    SEO for your roofing website is more important than the website itself. Great reviews are more important than your actual website. Few people remember roofing company names. So you need your company to show up when people are doing a local search. Top roofing websites have great search results and they quickly demonstrate that the company is professional, well-run, and trustworthy.

    Keywords rankings and great reviews are critical for your online success, where consumers are on guard against the “shady roofers” famous for ripping people off. This is a real challenge for the roofing industry. Most prospects who search roofing websites will want your website’s content to show that you are legitimate and trustworthy.

    Free Website Audit

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    Digital Marketing for Roofing Contractors

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    We all work out of our offices in Baytown, Tx. Our web developers, SEO experts, social media managers, and account managers share the same location. Your account is personal to us and we take great care to deliver the results you need to grow your business.

    Most contractors we talk with are not pleased with companies like Home Advisor, Angie’s List, and others. They have tried a lot of companies already. Marketing success today is really all about getting in front of the buyers who are searching on Google. This is done with an engaging and well-optimized website, a completely optimized Google My Business listing, lots and lots of great reviews, SEO strategies, and super-efficient paid ad campaigns. Your marketing efforts in these areas will help you build trust with your customers and Google. Ultimately it is all about the roofing lead. Your online marketing campaigns and the leads generated will help you grow to that next level you have targeted and generate the needed leads, whether residential roofing leads or commercial roofing leads for your roofing company.

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