Step 4: Local SEO | Local Search Engine Optimization 

Google My Business optimization, Google Maps ranking, local directories, community influencers are some of the most important components of local SEO, short for local search engine optimization.  Local SEO optimization allows potential clients to find your business when they search “-your service or product— near me”.  

local seo neon sign on the Godaddy Dave Digital Marketing and Design Agency website Step four (4) Local SEO is going to be a little bit different than the other steps that we’ve taken so far.  This step requires adding optimized, targeted, content. Local SEO is how businesses get on the Google Maps first page rank list.  Local SEO is very similiar to traditional, search engine optimization, except the focus is, the local market. Traditional search engine optimization  will be covered in an upcoming step. When you focus on citing your city or your county or something to describe your local area, this will give you a significant advantage, when potential clients search for your product or your service. 

Local SEO

Local SEO, as a discipline, is fairly new nationally, and fairly new in my city, Baytown, TX.  If you look at the image below you will see our YouTube ranking scores after only posting this video hours earlier.   Feel free to see where we are right now for these same search terms just search each on on YouTube and the on Google.  You will recognize a video or post from us when you see our name Godaddy Dave Social Media and SEO Marketing Company, Baytown, TxBusiness owners in our great country, are fabulous, but most of them do not know what they’re doing when it comes to Google Maps, the other components of local SEO.  Of course there’s going to be a few, but the likelihood that those few are in your niche, is extremely low.. What we do to be sure that we are not currently working with your competition, is a deep dive of the search engines,  niche specific, and as long as no competitors of a business interested in our local SEO assistance is on our roster, everything’s good for us to work together. As protection for our clients we only take one client per designated service zones. 

Google My Business Optimization banner displayes on in The Digital Marketing Master's Power Playbook, on GodaddyDave.comGoogle My Business

The first step whenever you’re decide to optimize local SEO is going to be your Google My Business listing.   The Google My Business listing is an amazing gift that Google has given you for free. The GMB platform initially looks a lot like Facebook does, or other social platforms do. Taking advantage of this platform, the Google my business platform, optimizing it, and then keeping it updated weekly, or daily if possible, gives absolute advantage to the business over its competitors when potential clients search.Watch the short video to see where we rank for competitive keyword phrases in local search.  Do we practice what we teach? Google gives guidelines, tools and assets to every business for free, to help us rank higher for keywords and keyword phrases that potential clients search.  If Google owns the search engine and they’re giving us ways to get to the top of the search engine, it wouldn’t make sense, tnot to listen to them, accept and optimize the assets that they give us and do the steps in their guideline.  It would also make sense that our ranking on their platform would increase organically, the more we showcased our business on the assets they’ve provided.  What’s next?Treat your Google My Business listing like you would your personal facebook page.  Add pictures that are relevant, talk about local businesses,  post stories and other things that are relevant in your city, discuss successes, even small ones, the goal is to share information, and give value. If you think about it, we do organically share this same type of info on our personal feeds.   Again, there aren’t at a lot of people nationwide taking full advantage of optimizing and updating their Google My Business listing, so businesses that do, have an immediate advantage.  

A Strategic Advantage over local businesses

By taking advantage of Google platforms businesses join the top 20% of businesses in the world.  They just don’t do business the same as others. Optimize Google my business listing and  update it at least weekly up to three times a day. Post great pictures, talk about the industry, share solutions, just talk, and keep the business relevant. Stay in the mind of the consumers, and Google is a great place to upload your video content and invite the potential client over to your YouTube channel, so they can see your other videos with links all your marketing channels and social media. When the ultimate goal  is to retire or it’s to leave something for the kids or just to make yourself filthy rich, make sure that your businesses does all of the things that are profitable, all the things that work, be diligent, and act naturally. growth hacking graphic displayed on the GoDaddy Dave Digital Marketing Agency website

Stay active and engaged on social media

Holonis is new and exciting. I like this platform, I’m not sure if it’ll make to the big leagues, but right now they’re giving it a really good effort.  The community is great on  the community actually helps each other. It takes very little time to gain a significant number of followers. I don’t know how many people are on the network, but I see a few people that have more than a quarter-million followers, so it must be a  good size platform. In a short amount of time Go Daddy Dave has gained towards 600 followers, in around six weeks. Holonis is  a really good platform and it’s fun. I have not seen any e-commerce sales come out of it yet, but we do have a few items posted to test.  We will let you know how that turns out. 

Test new and old social media platforms

Feel free to jump in on testing with us if you have eCommerce products, or you want to go over see if you can get David at GoDaddy Dave digital asking you to Like this. GoDaddy Dave.more followers. Be active where your target audience is active.  Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Pinterest are a great start. optimize post, and utilize alt tags for your images, make sure that we have relevant photos, be sure that the information is consistent, like our NAT (name address telephone) must be same as it is on Yelp and MapsQuest, and anywhere else your business is listed.

Citations | NAT | Consistency

A Citation is a listing for your business on another website.  Citations are a huge component of local SEO. Local SEO requires that you have citations.  Citations are simply your business name, address and phone number at another business’s website, a good example is a directory for local roofing contractor or the best local roofing company.  Make sure that your information is the same everywhere, on Yellow Pages or Yelp, or Craigslist consistency is key.  intentionally go to relevant websites and make sure that your information is consistent with not even a capitalization being different.  I am being particular but this particular particularity will give a business the advantage and we’ll give you the advantage.   

The human race is just too lazy.

The human race is just too lazy. we don’t do the things that we think don’t matter. I tell you in the case of your business website for local SEO it does matter.  To recap local SEO contains citations, it contains a Google my business listing, it contains Community involvement, it contains photographic evidence such as pictures of the outside of your building or pictures of you at your desk,  pictures of you working closely with a co-worker or you  pictures of a celebration all great examples.  Pictures that show that you’re a real person and a real business doing real things like this matter to Google.  Host a local event, visit networking groups, join the Chamber of Commerce. 

Gaining Backlinks is not hard at all

A business has a good chance of gaining backlinks just from doing these types of things and simply being active in your local community online and in the real world. Get a backlink when a company thanks you, or mentions you on their platforms.  List your vendors on your site and link to their website.  Ask those vendors to give the company backlinks, be sure to mention that you have linked your site to their company.Intentionally to get a mention or get somebody to recommend you on Facebook.  The more a business is talked about online,  it add trust.  The trust factor is will increase SERP (search engine ranking position), so the more social cues that your business has the higher that your rank is going to be. Whoever has the most will win whatever the competition, when it comes to social social cues. They don’t even need to pay attention to a their content if they have 10,000 likes versus a business that has a thousand.  

Facebook and Social Groups

I know that most people did not get into business to have another thrown on their lap.  The  business of promoting your business or socializing your business or involving your business in it’s community, is not the same as it was before 5 years ago. In the good ole days we could just sit back and let our advertising like billboards, magazine ads, or even pick up a few Door Knock clients and that was enough.  Now if you knock on a door, in service industries like roofing, they’ve already picked a contractor through Facebook.  The business that won the contract identified that person as a potential client before an event happened.  That person joined a social group and has seen their chosen contractor as a leader and industry expert.  Because they  demonstrated expertise, the client already trust the roofer, and now he is going to go back to leave amazing recommendations and reviews.  Positioning yourself in a group really really helps, and if you’re able to grow that group 10,000 followers then it will take on a life of its own and you won’t even have to work hard at it or do anything else with it other than enjoy it, and reap the benefits.   Be an open book, and you want to offer as much value as you can always, but as far as you actually recruiting and the running ads and things like that, you will no longer have to do it once you reach that 10,000 mark or so okay so.   Know that that’s your goal in your head is to get with the group the 10,000, but make sure that they’re real. You can’t just go and buy followers they have to be real followers and a real follower is not a follower that you bought, real real followers engage and is actually interested in your product or interested in offering value  to your client.   Google my business banner on

Local SEO is part of the Machine

Putting the money back in your pocket where it belongs is one of the goals in business, right?  So when a business puts a dollar into the machine if it doesn’t give you $2,  find another machine operator right.  That’s  your options. At GoDaddy Dave Digital Marketing Agency in Baytown Tx we make the machine pay many times what our clients put in. Need help? There is a possibility that one of the teams at GoDaddy Dave digital have room to help. follow the link down below go ahead to get signed up.  No matter what step or what level of digital marketing a business has achieved we can step in and help. Pricing is based on a businesses annual revenue. Its easy.  Once your purchase is confirmed we will schedule a comprehensive strategy call  and we’ll go from there.  I hope that this information has made an impression stron enough for your business to take the advantage in your local niche.  At Godaddy dave Social Media and SEO Digital Marketing Company, we look forward to talking to you.  If your brand new to the game and you have not done any of the steps completed yet, we welcome you too, and we encourage you to go ahead and take Step 1.   Google what step one is in The Digital Marketing Power Play Book.   Good luck. Joi9n our community on facebook and help each other to accomplish goals.Like the post, like the Audio, subscribe, follow and share @GoDaddyDave on social media.  We look forward  to and are really excited for those of you that have taken step one, and especially hyped about those that are on step 3.  We know that you’ve anticipated the release of this step, Step 4.  Here it is, it’s out and you have permission to start it now.  Take step 4 in The Digital Marketing Master’s Power Playbook now.Save 4500,000 over 5 tears when you hire an agency instead of traing a team in-house at GoDaddy Dave Digital Marketing Agency, Baytown Tx Looking for Step 5?Join the pre-launch list at the bottom of our home page under New Visitor Sign In      
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