Step 3 social media marketing testing

Every successful marketer no matter what platform will tell you that, if you don’t test, the results of your campaigns will not measure up to half of the results of campaigns that did test.  A/B testing is a vital part in the digital marketing process. This is the first time that we will actually be digging in to see what type of reaction we are getting from our clients..

We have now a consistent message across all social media channels and our website,

as well as our printed advertisements, and if we have a brick-and-mortar it also reflects consistent branding.

What we need to do now is test.

What are we going to testy and how will we get our target client to react to and ultimately, be motivated to purchase. We need to test, but first we need to identify a target audience for the platform that we plan to begin with.

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Annual Revenue Pricing Guide at Godaddy Dave Digital Marketing and Design Agency
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The Playbook 

absolutely keeps it simple. We start with one social media platform. We laser target the audience that we are going to be marketing to, and we use the available tools to see what other types of ads have been successful on the platform that we plan to market from. For the remainder of this excersise and for  step 3 I’m just going to plug Facebook right into here, and we will say that for this example we’re marketing on Facebook. I will refer to the platform that you choose as Facebook for the time being. Facebook definitely does not have to be your main choice. Your Mane Choice will be decided by the factors that surround your business and the habits of your target audience. 

Facebook pixel 

The Facebook pixel is where the magic begins in digital marketing, website design and this part of our ride until we retire. Facebook was one of the first platforms introduce a pixel to the world of marketing and it has changed the game, and it will change the game for any business.  Many may say that, that is a bold statement, when I say that it WILL change the game for ANY business, but please stay awhile and let me demonstrate. 

When your website gets a new visitor, in its current state, all that you know about that visitor is that they were there, that they viewed a certain amount of pages, and how long they’re on your website. Unless they opted in for your newsletter, or added something to their shopping cart, or unless they actually completed a purchase, you don’t have any data on them other than a few on Google Analytics that says that you had a visitor.

With the Facebook pixel installed on your website you can now track who enters, what they do while they’re on your website, and use this information to send custom ads to that person according to what they were looking at and their habits. This is key because most people when they don’t finish their order online were simply distracted by something more important. They did not lose interest, they still want to make a purchase, they will end up buying the same type of item somewhere, but it is possible that they simply do not remember where they were shopping, when they saw your company..

This is where retargeting through Facebook Pixel comes in very handy

Because, as store owners, it is our responsibility to get the services or products that we have, to the people. At minimum the people who come into our store and looked for the products or services that we have. What I mean by that is we need to make every effort to fulfill the wishes of the client, even if that client was unable to complete a purchase due to unknown circumstances. With the Facebook Pixel, this is exactly what we do. We send potential clients tasteful, gentle, reminders, and oftentimes we will also send a discount for that client, or potential client to come back and complete the purchase that they wanted to complete when they visited for the first time.

This is key because most people when they don’t finish their order online were simply distracted by something more important. They did not lose interest,

Designing a digital marketing strategy at GoDaddy Dave Social Media and SEO Marketing Company, baytown Tx

We will use several platforms to target the average potential client. At this stage, of this marketing plan, we will only retarget on Facebook for this example, so we will create ads with our Faceb

ook pixel once we have everything installed.

Now we will begin our social media marketing testing

At this point we had identified our target audience. we normally as a r

ule of thumb would like to keep the number of people in our total audience that we are targeting between 500,000 and 1 million people, .  

We will not be testing more than just a couple of variables during the initial black ugly social marketing A&B test. we will choose a couple of things that are pretty significant and usually show us significant differences depending on the product the offer and the service that we are selling. So quite often people will run an ad that includes both men and women, that includes a couple of Interest or professions. For example Roofing sales, nightlife and Owens Corning shingles are all interests my target audience, Storm Restoration roofing contractors.

I will also make the text very similar and the offer the exact same. We will use a different graphic on the first test each version. we will also Focus each ad on different geographical locations. 

 for the purpose of this article and most of the time it is plenty we will be using a $5 per day or at threshold until we see results and then we will adjust. oftentimes if you have the bank roll you can speed things up at this point and test several of the common factors at the same time so you could run to test at each $5 a piece a day and then another set of 2 and then another set of two as many as you can afford and as many as you will see positive results. Of course you do not want to get flustered or overwhelmed at this point there will be plenty of time for you to get flustered once things are busier than they have ever been for the lifetime of your business.

The third step 

is social media marketing this that will determine and help to refine you’re tired  and components that are converting with that target audience. the 3rd step RV digital marketing Masters our Playbook is a powerful step and ju pro is setting a strong Foundation for our accomplishment of the goals.

So this is the time in the presentation or in your journey where you must have already taken Step 1 and 2 so I am going to put the button below for you to take step 3.  Can’t wait to see you inside.  There was a graph in Step 2 that demonstrated the pricing that you may expect to pay for each social media platform. Below you will see a different graphic that demonstrates the difference between hiring a professional agency to do your digital marketing.

I also have an article on how you can save $500,000 over the course of five years

Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency rather than keeping y

our marketing efforts in house. The study does not even begin to look at the increase in profits set a digital marketing agency would have over internal it only takes into account actual hard dollar cost can’t wait to see your order kind of crops my desk I look forward to continuing working with you and your business. 

If for some reason you have arrived and you have not taken Step 1 and 2 with Godaddy Dave Social Media and SEO Marketing Company, but you have completed both steps on your own, welcome, and I am happy to help

At this point, if you would like our help, we’re happy to join forces simply click this link, pick which bracket you were in according to your annual income, and complete the checkout process. This will initiate a strategy  session where we will get to know each other much better.

Step 3: Social Media Marketing Testing 1

If you are completing The Digital Marketing Masters Power Playbook steps on your own, congratulations and keep going strong. If you have questions, I am happy to help. Please feel free to text me with any of your questions at 713-298-0771 this text is free, and I will personally answer each one with a voicemail, explaining the answer to your question in detail. Please allow up to 12 hours for response. 

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