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The Value of Using a Digital Marketer Over Hiring In-House

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The Value of Using a Digital Marketer Over Hiring In-House

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I am using text-to-speech 100% on this article please forgive me I will use spell check at the end.

This one just kind of fell Into my lap here. So why do businesses need a digital marketing strategist? This is a good question and a question that many business owners have and a question that we answer everyday in our agency

You see somewhere along the way I got formed between traditional business owners who have been in business for a while and the way that advertising is done today. To find out when the Gap began it was probably around when the internet was invented and Google AdWords and things like that were used for advertising.

Business owners did okay with Google Adwords they knew that they could throw money at it and normally they would get a desired result or at least a version of their desired result. We have to remember that the only thing that they had prior to the internet was radio TV newspapers and those type of That’s Right. There’s no way to really track the ROI on those type of ads or even to pinpoint exactly where the leak came from.

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So when Google AdWords came out business owners were getting more bang for their buck then they were with traditional advertising, even if they weren’t targeting the correct audience or even using negative keywords and things like that to optimize their Google AdWords account.

Then Myspace came out and nobody that was over the age of 30 used it at all. Then Facebook arrived and it took almost a decade before the older generation such as our grandparents and our parents began to use it and when I say our I’m born in 1976 and I’m 43.

When the older generation did begin to use Facebook they did it mainly just to keep up with their grandkids or to reconnect with old war buddies or something like that and they did business traditionally and advertised traditionally. Advertising on Facebook and all of the platforms available continues to grow and transform on a daily basis. This puts additional strain and a huge learning curve on the older generation that has not been involved in Tire time.


When you bring in a digital marketing strategist they normally have their finger on the pulse of the industry that you’re in or at least a very similar industry. A digital marketer understands how to retarget how to create audiences how to utilize pixel data and optimized for conversions. The older generation does not.

Designing a digital marketing strategy at GoDaddy Dave Social Media and SEO Marketing Company, baytown TxSo the older generation has tried to bring in house younger people to do their Facebook marketing or digital marketing and there is a huge disconnect when you ask an employee to do something who was taught by somebody who doesn’t know how to do something you don’t always get great results. When you hire a digital marketing strategist or an agency you get somebody who has the same results as you and often you get a team of folks that has the same results in mind as you.

I don’t have to explain to you the difference between motivating an employee to do what you want them to do as a business and motivating a paid contract worker to do what you want to do. The contract worker wants your business the following month so they’re going to get you results every month. The contract worker or in this case digital marketer also wants a review from you, referrals from you, and truly has your ultimate goal at heart and that’s to increase conversions.

When you come when you increase conversions you increase profit and that’s the whole goal.

So let’s just say that it’s not absolutely 100% vital to the life of your business to hire a digital marketer. But when you don’t hire a digital marketer it’s like you’re playing in the NFL or a pro league as a toddler, alone.

What is better Hiring In-House or Hiring a Marketing Agency?

Cons Employee

Pros Employee

Pros Agency


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