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When it comes to new clients and your business, the first thing that they usually see is your website. 

3-5 years ago websites were built to mainly to act as a billboard for your business. It showed your credentials, it showed your business partners, and it showed reviews from clients, then it was doing its job.

A potential cliewould check your website, to verify that you were a real business.Godaddy Dave Digital Marketing and Design Agency in Baytown TX, recommends BlueHost as your wordpress hosting provider

Things in the web design industry and with the functionality of websites have changed. Technology has allowed websites to do many more things that were impossible before. 

Websites can not only see you when visitors land on your website for the first time, but websites can also give you information on new visitors so that you can remind them to come back and to buy the item or service they were looking at or that you recommend. 

New technology allows for the following actions and customer retention practices 


Targeting Audiences 

Targeting audiences is a practice well-known by digital marketers but not much talked about. This practice uses artificial intelligence to understand the data that has been collected buying large not a company such as Google and Facebook over the past 10 or 20 years determine what your ideal client looks like. in the beginning whenever you don’t have any actual client you can use Pinterest work relationships social media groups and other things to Target your ideal client. As you get data on actual paying clients you can live in enter them back in to your database such as Facebook and Facebook will compare or actually Facebook will search for other people that match most of the data points as the client that has made a purchase from you.

So when a compare let’s just say 1000 points paying customer can I find another million people that match and 950 of those same data points and the likelihood that these other people that match data points will also act like the client that you currently have. With these things being true, the new clients for the new audience will act the same as your original client, meaning that they also, likely will purchase. We have seen campaigns and advertisements that show stats that say that they are 45 thousand times more likely to take an action and convert the new traditional ad without targeting.


Retargeting website visitors 

Prior to this technology, we would have no idea when somebody visited our website. We would know that somebody clicked on an ad or that we have a page visit, but that’s all that we knew.

We didn’t know any personal information and we didn’t have any way of contacting the people that have visited our store. If you think about this in a brick-and-mortar sense of things, it’s like if somebody walked into your store and you ignored them.

You didn’t make

Step 1: Website Design or Website Redesign 1

any effort to greet them, you didn’t make any effort to find out what they needed, you didn’t make any effort at all and they left your store.

None of us would ignore a visitor this way inside our business. This is the same way we should behave on our website.

When somebody comes, we would like to get to know them, we would like to give them a proper greeting, we would like to make some personal recommendations, and if for some reason they were interrupted during their shopping, we would like to remind them of what they were looking at and invite them to come back, we may even offer them a discount to do so.

This is what retargeting is. I’m sure you seen it first-hand whenever you search something on your computer, and then see ads on every device that you are on  for the exact same product that you were searching for earlier. This is retargeting and retargeting is done with a pixel, which collects data for your website on your visitors or potential clients.

Create lookalike audiences

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A like audience is an audience that looks like another audience that performs well for your business. Your lookalike audience would be based on your current clientele. Any client that has made a purchase, is a client that you would like to  duplicate.

If you can duplicate clients that make purchases consistently and accurately, then you will be able to find more clients that make purchases on an at-will or on-demand basis.



Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence that uses your experience to answer questions from visitors that are on your website in real time. I chat about to engage a visitor on your website or a chatbot and can wait for it. This is an extremely helpful when it comes to answering questions such as what time are you open, how do I get to your location, what is your special or deal this month, and common questions such as that. Chatbots can also do very detailed such as taking a client through the  actual sales process all the way up to close. Chat box candy program to warm up cold client or rewarm lukewarm client. Chatbots handy 100% programs by you or they can utilize body Hershey morning baked ham learn your clients as they are on the job.


Affiliate registration and management

Affiliates are huge part of marketing in the modern era. Affiliates are almost on every website every platform and they promote almost every product that is globally available. if you think about whenever you are asked to share or invite a friend to your favorite app or website this is a form of affiliate marketing. internet marketing and digital marketing graphic displayed on the GodaddyDave.com websiteUsually a business will offer you some sort of incentive for reward to refer a friend and to bring them new business. In the same way and I feel like I program allows feeling very independent marketers for people that have some sort of relationship with your product or service to sign up under your umbrella Market your product or service to their clients or if you a broader base of clients through traditional marketing and then turn when they make a bell or they get a desired action from your potential client you pay them a commission for a percentage of  and then turn when they make a bell or they get a desired action from your potential client you pay them a commission or a percentage of the sale.

Affiliate marketing can take your business and your marketing efforts and potentially  growing exponentially in a very short amount of time. All it takes by the right and I have the right motivation and the right connections to grab ahold of your product or service and run with it.


As you can see things have changed. 

Websites are not what they used to be they are much more. For business owners that have already taken advantage of this they are seeing multiples of 2x, 5x, 10x, 100x oh, and I’ve even heard over a thousand tax return on campaigns. business owners that do not take advantage of the abilities that website do not see growth beyond, are local word-of-mouth advertising.

 Businesses that do not master the virtual world will die in the real world.

Designing a website,

the look and the feel requires understanding of the habits of potential clients/  understanding the way business works, and the specifics of your business, should a whose only purpose it’s to meet yo