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Local Seo Guide and Checklist

Digital marketing in 2020 is not difficult...

When people know what they are doing.  How do they get to know what they are doing?  They do it just like they have done it since the beginning of time.  There are two options that we all choose one of, when it comes to doing anything that is not controlled involuntarily. 

Option 1 - Do it ourselves or

Option 2 - Choose someone else to do it


Option 1 - Do it ourselves 

If we decide to do it ourselves, is necessary for the task to be rather simple, or if it is complex, it is important that we have learned the skills needed to complete this task prior to choosing to do it ourselves.

For example: when we decided to go swimming for the first time, 

Local SEO checklist, local seo checklist and guide by Godaddy Dave DigitalMost of us did not jump into the deep end of the swimming pool prior to having swimming lessons, either professionally or from a family member or friend. We had somebody there to guide us, and teach us.  The same thing is true when most of us started driving. Most of us had to take a course in driver's education, and then we had to take a test and pass that test at the local Department of Motor Vehicles. This was spaced-out with many personal driving lessons with a licensed operator in the front seat (LOFS) over the age of 18, usually our parents or a family member. 

Some things people are naturally talented at, 

Maybe they’re great at football or they ‘re great at baseball, but when it came to the rules of the game they had to learn them from somebody or they had to be taught on their own from some sort of literature or publication.  

Option 2 - Choose someone else to do it

Option 2 is how most things in the world get done.  I for one am thankful that that is how things get done most of the time. Let me explain. Option 2: choose someone else to do it. It is better stated whenever you say it like this, option two find a professional to help you. This makes a lot of sense when it comes to things that we do not want to do, or we are outmatched at by the professionals, or that it is absolutely too difficult for us to take on. A good example of this is going to be playing football on a professional level. We could get as much coaching as our little heart desired and still not be as good or have the abilities as those in the NFL or that play professionally. Now if we wanted to compete on that level professionally, the only way that we would be able to compete is to hire a professional and allow them to compete for us. The way that many NFL owners have died. Most of the owners in the NFL are not great football players or we're not great football players themselves, many just have a love for the game, and some just have a love for business.   When it comes to local SEO and what is required for a business to get to the top of a Google Maps locally,  how do you get your business or service found when somebody searches your product or service "near me" in your city?  

Good News

Well the good news is the same two options are available to you. You have

Option 1 do-it-yourself or

Option 2 hire a professional

Option 1

The good news is you are reading this post right now. In this post I am tackling the local SEO checklist and I am offering it to you today. It is one of the most commonly searched request on Google at the moment. When I see a request that is commonly searched and it is related to the niche that I am an expert in, I try to fill that need and fulfill the request.

Go Daddy Dave digital marketing and design agency., is offering the readers of this article The Local SEO Checklist and Guide absolutely free. The regular price of this local SEO checklist by Go Daddy Dave digital marketing and design agency is regularly priced at $199.

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Local SEO Checklist

When you grab your copy of the local SEO checklist and guide by GoDaddy Dave digital marketing and design agency please do not leave it in your email box or download folder. It will not do you any good when it comes to your business gaining traction on Google Maps and in local search if you do not put the steps that are in Miss SEO checklist and guide to work for you.  

Just like with anything in life if you do not work if it will not work.

You are absolutely in control of your destiny you are already here reading this blog post from me, so you've already taken many of the steps that are needed now just take the next step copy the code click the link download the local SEO guide in checklist by GoDaddy Dave Digital Marketing Agency, put it in your cart, take it to check out, enter the code to check out and then get it absolutely free. 

Please leave a comment below, or on our Facebook group page, or at my newest digital location online at Holonis.com. When you leave a comment on one of the platforms, and tag somebody that you know will really benefit from the local SEO guide in checklist, but make sure that that somebody is not your direct competitor in your city LOL! 😎
If local SEO, website design, digital marketing and things like that are completely out of your wheelhouse,  there is help available for you. David at Godaddy Dave Social Media and seo Digital Marketing and Design Agency At Go Daddy Dave digital marketing and design agency we specialize in local SEO as a step in the important process of digital marketing. As a matter of fact it is step number 4 in The Digital Marketing Masters Power Playbook. You can see steps one through four now, they are live at the website. The  power play book will walk you through the exact steps that are necessary whenever you decide to take on digital marketing for your  business. This makes it easier for even a novice digital marketer, even if they are a veteran business owner, to to see success with marketing on the internet.   Step 5 will be released soon, but with this program only being released less than 90 days ago,  we will be release step five after enough time has elapsed for the first businesses to complete at least Step 1 and 2. If you do not know what step 1 and 2 is of The Digital Marketing Masters Power Playbook, take a look at it,  and if the first four steps do make sense to you, choose to take Step 1 The power-play book is available for you to do on your own, and it is also available for GoDaddy Dave digital marketing and design agency to accomplish for you. This is an entire process designed to take a businesses from 0 or zero online to Hero on any platform. It does bring increased Revenue, it does set your brand as an authority brand in your Marketplace, it does get you organic and free traffic, it does optimize your paid traffic, and it does allow businesses to scale like they never thought possible. 

Used code: free local SEO checklist to get 100% discount on this item and you will not pay one dime not even text.

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