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I love the internet. I am a 42 year old kid at heart when it comes to the internet, websites, creative brand design and anything marketing and promoting. Since my first website, www.GiftsthatSparkle.com, (18yrs old and I thought I was going to be instant internet rich)I have been uber fascinated about how the internet connects people, and I could not believe that I had the same access to all of the people, in the whole wide world!GiftsthatSparkle.com did not make me "internet rich" like I thought it would but it did start a love for all things www that has only intensified with experience over the years.I have built several sites for myself. A couple were very successful; HerbanWellnessInc.org and GreenRibbonClinic.org were medical marijuana sites and storefronts, in Denver Colorado's brand new Medical Marijuana market. Our physical locations were full service including a clinic where the doctor met with patients, and a dispensary where the patients purchased their recommended medications. Having limited staff and resources, along with a highly volotile and risky market, I grew this company as CEO, Founder, Web designer, and marketer / promoter to well over 3000 patients and over $1.7 million dollars in just under 10 months. Unfortunately the marijuana laws were in their infancy and we were zoned out due to new regulations. The city zoned "The Colorado Club Building" residential. This is an 11 story office building right off the 25 in Denver, nobody even lived there!We also had an e-commerce site that we ran for 5+ years. This site was the ultimate in mail order. Due to the product type we were unable to accept traditional forms of payment, so we only offered cash on delivery. With this niche product, the people did't even bat an eye. We were shipping out between $800 and $30,000 of product everyday! We would stand in the line at USPS daily with arms full of orders. We only accepted USPS money orders and the post office doesn't charge to cash them, but we took every dollar from each Post Office many times at multiple locations, lol. This business was closed for good, due to the product type. My partner and I decided one day to push the "close my store" button. We felt that the products were not healthy and spiritually it was deadly.I would not change too many things if I had a chance to go back. Each failed or successful venture has taught me so many things. I get marketing, branding, business building, product selection, content. I may not get it for every business type, but I have my thumb on the pulse of most. It is a good idea to stop at this point and pull out your cell phone.Enter this number 234-352-5800 and label it "GoDaddy Dave" now text me with your first name, perfect.When you are ready, and you will be ready, text me again. I will make the time to meet with you, normally by video chat or a phone call. Simple, huh...?C U SooN!!~ GoDaddy Dave
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