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Do you know how long I’ve been in business?

No matter how long you’ve been in business, when it comes to digital marketing, and trying to figure out which way you should go and what will be profitable for you, many business owners have not seen good Roi. As a matter of fact, many business owners have lost a lot of money on paid ads, websites, and social media marketing.

This hasn’t been the case for all businesses. As a matter of fact there’s some businesses that absolutely knock it out of the park, and are doing better than they ever would have done with traditional advertising alone.

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Local businesses are able to target their market with laser focus, the introduction of automation and learning machines has made things a lot less monotonous and made it easier for businesses who follow the playbook.. The introduction of AI has also made it possible for us to understand all of the data that we have been collecting for the last 2 decades or twenty years. Being able to read this data allows us to better target exactly what do people want, when they want it, and allows them to get it and buy as much of it as their heart’s desire. 


Digital marketing has made it possible for many businesses that would have not had an opportunity and the old brick-and-mortar style to compete. One of those great examples is the youngest Kardashian with her makeup empire started on Instagram, has outsold Foley’s Neiman Marcus and all of the major big box stores sold all together in their 50 years combined. So that’s what digital marketing can do for a business when it’s done correctly and influencers and your clients get behind your product..


One of the greatest examples is the youngest Kardashian with her makeup empire started on Instagram, has outsold Foley’s Neiman Marcus and all of the major big box stores sold all together in their 50 years combined. 

Success online, when it comes to digital marketing, doesn’t happen accidentally


There is an exact formula to follow when marketing any business, service or product online digitally. Businesses that do not follow the formula do not get positive results, and many of them lose money on their first few tries.


When you think about it, it seems very, very silly, and unlike anything you would ever do. The reason that this seems silly is that none of us started driving a car before somebody taught us how, and I’m sure none of us jumped into the swimming pool or into the lake before we knew how to swim and swam successfully, we normally were taught by somebody else. None of us rode a bicycle for the first time, without training wheels, unless it was somebody that showed us how to do it, But contrary to everything we’ve ever learned, or shall I say mastered, for some reason we seem to think that when we start a business, which is probably the single most difficult accomplishment of our lifetime,  we no longer need a coach, we know everything, everybody is our competition, and anything that anybody says must be a lie and they must be out to get us and steal our customers. Well the fact is we’re wrong..


The digital marketing Masters Power Playbook

offers a step-by-step guide for all businesses, no matter how small or large, to understand the flow, and what they need to do to accomplish massive Roi digitally marketing  their business..


Digital marketing includes but is not limited to 


  • your website  Digital Marketing Success Tree by GoDaddy Dave Digital agency
  • social media 
  • Google AdWords 
  • search engine optimization 
  • video marketing 
  • influencers 
  • mobile marketing 
  • podcast 
  • SMS for text marketing 
  • email marketing
  • instant message marketing 
  • blogging
  • being involved in the communities online
  • offering assistance
  • digital graphics
  • collaboration


and other important components or niches and necessary evils, when it comes to digital marketing. 


I must tell you, step one will require a commitment from you. so if you are not committed your own success, please do not take Step 1, do not click the button below until you are ready to commit.  


There’s enormous amounts of digital marketing data, software, strategies, and partners  for a company to think about, understand and align with. 


Most companies, when they get into business, have a passion for their service, or their product, then they see that the playing field is not level. Businesses that don’t have the ability to market yourself effectively online die in reality. If you do not utilize digital marketing and follow the same steps that have been successful for other,  profitable, or successful businesses, the fact is you won’t make it, no matter how great your product is. 


 Businesses that don’t have the ability to market yourself effectively virtually, die in reality.

Digital marketing and Social Media Marketing by GoDaddy Dave Digital Agency in Baytown Tx

Be sure you hear me when say that there is a process, there are steps, there are people that have done it before you, and do it today, and are very successful at it. These people have not reinvented the wheel, they simply followed someone before them, that has the exact success that they wanted to have. Most of the time, if done correctly, this will be accomplished with strategic partnerships. Having the right partner or Partners will take your business to levels that you’ve never dreamed of, and your business will reach people that you never imagined possible.


The steps are simple. most people do not do these steps just for the simple fact that nobody has taught it to them yet. If you’re like me, and other successful businesses that are mastering digital marketing,  you’ll use this lack of knowledge to your advantage, and you will do what you can do to pay forward this knowledge when you arrive, creating more success stories. 


Open The Digital Marketing Master’s Power Playbook and see the step by step process to success, when it comes to marketing your business digitally. You do not have to buy anything, there is no requirement, just sign in. Of course, if this is something that you prefer to leave to the professionals, and you want to have the advantages that comes with experience and being on the inside an ever-changing industry, our teams at Go Daddy Dave are available. We will step in at any point, at any step that you may be on, or take you from the very beginning of step one, all the way to digital success.


The process will take different amounts of time for different businesses in different niches. but don’t let this worry you. Participants commonly start seeing a good return on their investment once they see some success in Step 2. Step 2 opens the opportunity for businesses to see what is working on the platform they’ve chosen. 


The good news


The good news about seeing what works, is that the proof is normally in the profits. Businesses will spend most of what is returned during initial testing on scaling during Step 2, they commonly have a little bit additional to do things on the Brick and Mortar needs of their business.  

Designing a digital marketing strategy at GoDaddy Dave Social Media and SEO Marketing Company, baytown Tx

If you’re reading this and you’ve read it all the way through to this point, you and I both know 

this isn’t your first time looking into digital marketing. 


  • You are ultimately in control of your success. 
  • Making good choices it’s part of the daily routine of successful people. 
  • today your choice it’s to take Step 1 in your digital marketing process, and the way that you 
  • take Step 1 is to 
  • enter your email address and 
  • click the button. 

I must tell you, step one will require a commitment from you. so if you are not committed your own success, please do not take Step 1, do not click the 1st step link until you are ready to commit.  









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